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Get ready for your 
Engagement photos

Why should we ?  ? 

  1. It’s the perfect time for you to get to know your photographer.

Your photographer is the one person you will spend most of the day with - even more than your spouse! So if there's one thing you should ensure, is that your photographer gets you and makes you feel the most comfortable. 

2. You find out what it's like to be in front of the camera.

Chances are, you haven't had hundreds of photoshoots together and you might be a little nervous about it. And I completely get it. Most of my couples tell me this is their number one fear, and that's why you should have your Engagement shoot! So you get to test drive your photographer and see how gorgeous you look through their lens! Building up that confidence for the Wedding day, so you look forward to your couple session on the day rather than dread it. 


3. You get to have beautiful photos of the two of you

Yes, of course you will have your wedding photos, but this is an amazing opportunity to have beautiful photos of you in a more casual and intimate setting. Plus you get to have amazing images for your save the dates!




Comfortable. Confident. Complimentary. 

You want to wear an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous and confident, but just as importantly, you need to be comfortable. If it's awkward to walk in, it will look awkward on the photos. 

Now in terms of matching your partner - we don't want to be looking like twins! The best thing you can do is wear complimentary colours, and stick to a colour scheme. I always advice for neutral colours, beige, off whites, blacks & camel are always flattering in every setting. 

Consider the location of your shoot. if we're going on a hike - let's not go for heels and ball gown. 



Somewhere that feels like you! 

If you are nature lovers, let's take a hike in the mountains, go for a walk in the woods, or aim for a sunset on the beach. On the other hand, if you are City people, we can find a nice spot with interesting architecture, or find a local venue that matches you. Like your wedding venue if you've already found it! 

Let's just do something you love, and create some gorgeous images of the two of you.



Just as important as the location, the season and the time of day are crucial to achieve the look you have in mind for your engagement session. 

For a warm, soft, golden light, consider a sunset or a sunrise for early birds! 

The best thing you can do is discuss this with your photographer as you plan your session together - they will be able to let you know the best time to hold your session, depending on your location and the look you have set your heart on. 

Let's plan your session

Let's have a chat about your vision and how I can help make it come to life! 

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