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I'm Camille, your French fine art wedding photographer in Montréal, QC who will go over and beyond to capture the happiest time of your life.


If you're picturing me wearing a beret, a croissant in hand, dreaming about the Eiffel Tower; well you're not far off. But I bring a lot more to the table than delicious macarons. What I love the most is capturing love stories here around Montréal and all over Canada. 

After living in the UK for the past 10 years, I have now recently moved to Québec and I can't wait to keep building relationships with all my couples, creating timeless images that will literally last pour toujours


Your stress-free card 

My friends describe me as a down-to-Earth perfectionist. What that means for you is that I am impossible to rattle, but I have very high expectations of everything. As a wedding supplier, my role is to take on the stress for you, and make sure you enjoy every single moment of your day. You can rely on me to help out, from sourcing suppliers to decorating tables if time is running out. No worries, I'm here for you, your flexible and spontaneous helping hand so the day is as perfect as it should be. 

Now as perfectionist, I love capturing all the details that tell your story. My work is artistic story telling, which means that I will discretely hunt and capture all the raw emotions, the natural and real moments as well as intentionally create stylistic images for you. I will always make sure you, your guests and everything else looks beautiful and I will spend hours on your gallery to only deliver the best images.

Tuscan-87 2.JPG

How I work


I do genuinely want to get to know you so I can understand everything that makes you you, and capture all the details you will have spent time choosing.

This is why we will always book a call to discuss everything you need to know about me and everything I need to know about you. We will also be in touch throughout your wedding planning to help out or simply check in on you.


On the actual day, I will move discreetly around the room to capture everything, stepping in when it is time to take some formal shots, to make sure these go smoothly and quickly. And when it comes to taking your couple photos, be ready to have a relaxed, fun and intimate moment with your new spouse!  I will not have you pose in awkward position, but I will not leave you to it either. What I will do is gently guide you, through simple directions that you will interpret however you like. These will take any pressure away and create real moments of emotions for me to capture and for you to remember. 

* Tailored planning support.

* Experience & expertise.

*Panic release button.

*Guaranty of excellence.

*Macarons, always. 

My little Je ne sais quoi

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